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Use this form to search the Hackenbruch Newspaper Collection. The database includes records for 2,247 individual newspaper issues dating from 1685 to 1990. See tips below for help on formulating searches.

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Search Tips

Enter search terms in one or more of the above fields. If you use multiple fields, results will be returned for those items which contain all of the terms you enter ("AND" logic). You may also use the Boolean operators "AND", "OR", "NOT" within any of the fields, but the operators must be in ALL CAPS to distinguish them from occurrences of these words in the data (NB: there are no "stopwords") and parentheses for grouping Boolean expressions are not supported; rather expressions will be evaluated according to standard rules for evaluating operator precendence.

Truncation or wildcard operators are not supported; the search engine matches exact stings only. An example: to search for occurrences of "ship, ships, shipping" enter simply "ship" or "ship OR ships OR shipping".

Note that some field labels appear as links. You may click on these links to browse a list of the contents associated with that field in the database. To include one or more elements from the list in your search, simply check the corresponding checkboxes and click the button at the top or bottom of the list window; in a few seconds the terms you have selected will be automatically formatted and copied to the main search form.

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