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A. Green, feut.
A. L. (?)
A. Lippmann; J Piel Scul.
A. N. M.
A. N. M. S. G.
Albert R [Rutherston?]
Albertine Randall Wheelan (American, 19th-20th C.)
Anton Pieck (Dutch, 20th C.)
B. M. C.
Bank B. Gordon
BE (?)
Bo (?)
Bruce Rogers (American, 1870-1957)
C. F.
C. G. O. Del.; S. L. S. Sc.
C. S.
C. W. E.
Carl S. Junge (American, 1880-1972)
CB [? monogram, in the water at right, not very clear]
Charles William Sherborn (British, 1831-1912)
D. Martini; F. J. Junod
D. P.
Don Kreis
Duncan Smith
E. B. Bird
E. D. Roth
E. R. A.
E. Webster
Edwin Austin Abbey (American, 1852-1911)
Edwin Davis French (American, 1851-1906)
Elizabeth Brockbank
Emery Walker
Eric Gill (British, 1882-1940)
F. C. T.
F. C. Tilney
F. D.
Fenner sculp.
Forbes & Bennett, Sculp.
Fothergill Sc.
G (within a shield)
G T H / 21
G. E. B. (?)
G. E. Wesson
G. Q.
G. R. H.
G.H. Holloway
George Wharton Edwards (American, 1859-1950)
Gust. Schroeter
GVZ Zardi
H & B
H. A. W.
H. Belloc
H. E.
H. F.
H. Geisslar; Kümmerly & Frey, Berne.
H. J. F. B.
H. M. B.
H. P.
Horne V. Ashe
Iizars Sculpt.
Illegible monogram: TP (?)
J. Ackland (Lith., Bristol)
J. D. R.
J. F. Badeley
J. T.
J. Vinycomb. [?]
J. W.
J. W. (?)
J. W. Spenceley
Jack B. Yeats (Irish, 19th-20th century)
JAI H Hammon
Jofnson fc.
John Farleigh
Johnson, Sc.
Juanita Gould
L. B. C.
L. Clarence Ball
L. O. Griffith
Levi Sculpt.
Lith. N. Heins, Gand.
Lizars sc
M & B / F
M [?]
M. Burg, Sculp.
M. Cole scul
M. D. Bisbee, Del.; J. W. Spenceley, Sc.
M. L.
M. R.
M. S. E.
M. Sankey
Maquet, Gr.
Mary Ann Hunter Sculp
Maurice Lelair
Maverick Sculpt.
Moeglich Fecit
Mussett Fecit
M[?] A. Lamb
N. M. Isham
Nathaniel Hurd (American, 1730-1777)
O. J.
Oliver; H. O. Reed
Ortner & Houle, Sc.
Parkins and Heath — Patent Hardened Steel Plate
Philip Hagreen (British, 1890-?)
Photogramure & Imp. Goupil & Cie.
Puch. Bros, London
R. A. Nüscheler
R. H. Neff
R. P.
R. P. Istaria (?)
Raymond Everett (American, n.d.)
Arthur N. Macdonald (American, 1866-1940)
Rockwell Kent (American, 1882-1971)
Rofs sc.
S. A.
S. A.; E. B. Bird
S. Dulcini
S. M.
S. P. A.
Shorpe inc. Sculp
Sidney L. Smith (American, 1845-?)
T. E. F. Del. A N M 1921
T. G. Parry del.; Stuart Sc.
T. S. A.
T. Sterling sc.
The John B. Wiggins Co.
Thomas Fogarty
Thomas [last name illegible]
Thos. C. H. Jones
Tiffany & Co.
Tn (?) SCW
W. Darling
W. G. Rattermann
W. G. T.
W. H.
W. Kibbart Sculp: 1750
W. L. J. 1914
Warwick sc, 124 Regent Street
Warwick sculp., 145 Strand
William Fowler Hopson (American, 1849-1935)
William Phillips Barrett (British, 19th-20th C.)
Yates Scul.
[? first initial cut off ] Winckler del. et Sculp. Fridricswoerk